The spread of Covid-19 across the globe has led to shortages of everything from hand sanitizer and face masks to price gouging of these products on sites like Amazon. Everyday hygiene using supplies recommended in the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines on how to stay healthy has become more complicated than usual for businesses.

Here, we’ve provided a few reasonably priced essentials to get you started if you’re looking to stock up on business supplies. Of course, personal preference and availability may dictate that you opt for a different brand or formulation, because many of these items are in such high demand that the price and amount in stock is fluctuating often. At the moment, though, these items are all a solid value and still available.

Hand Soaps

Washing your hands is the first line of defense against the spread of germs in the office. The CDC says it’s especially important to wash after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Most hand soaps in grocery stores and online are sold out, but there are still many options in stock at retailer websites like Bed, Bath & Beyond. But for certain products like hand soap, some stores are putting a limit of 3 items per order. You can still buy multiple items. The restriction is only if you want to buy more than 3 of a single product. Other stores are limiting shipping on products or only shipping them with purchases of $25 or more. While some hand soaps are currently priced much higher than usual or completely sold out, it’s making what used to be a simple shopping process a bit more frustrating.

Hand Sanitizer

It’s almost impossible to find hand sanitizer in stock anywhere online, and what few options are available are much more expensive than usual. A few big box retailers and smaller, direct-to-consumer brands might still have hand sanitizer in stock, but your best bet may be to try searching for sanitizer on a grocery delivery website to see what’s in stock at a store near you. If you are not keen on entering stores at this time, these services will deliver directly to your pace of work. Just be sure that any hand sanitizer you do purchase is alcohol-based and at least 60% alcohol.

It is very important make sure you use hand sanitizers in addition to washing with soap and water as much as possible.

Household Cleaners

The CDC also recommends that people use household cleaners for routine cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and objects in the office, including things like cell phones and doorknobs. Household cleaners are in short supply at many retailers, but a few still have some options available at their normal prices. Because businesses need a larger quantity of cleaning items, it does pay off because you can buy in bulk. This gives you a less expensive per item option. It also reduces in packaging and delivery costs.

Learn more about reducing germs in your home and workplace.

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