Sanitizers are largely manufactured by companies that specialize in manufacturing sanitize, soap and skin products. These companies have an upper hand in the industry since they are familiar with the market. Some companies mass produce, and are usually a lower price, since production costs are easily met due to the large market. They have access to wholesalers, retailers and online distribution companies.

Due to the on-going pandemic, distilleries are now producing sanitizers. Part of the reason distilleries switched to producing sanitizer is they already have alcohol on hand. Some countries also banned sale of alcohol to curb the spread of the deadly virus. This caused distilleries to adapt. Mass production of these sanitizers are moderate. However, since they are easily manufactured with pure ethanol, it’s easy to expand their production.

Beauty companies have also started switching to making sanitizer. They are able to manufacture sanitizer if they produce nail polish remover since it contains isopropyl alcohol. This is a common alcohol used to produce sanitizer.

The market for locally made hand sanitizer has grown as well. This is a way of promoting self-reliance in countries that usually import manufactured products.

Things to consider when buying hand sanitizer

Look for sanitizers with a moderate amount of alcohol. The more alcohol in the sanitizer, the more likely it will evaporate faster and lose effectiveness over time. For the best effectiveness choose a sanitizer that contains 60-70% alcohol.

It’s important to first get rid of dirt and grease before application. You can use wet wipes that you may have at hand or soap and water. Apply a dime sized amount of sanitizer and rub it in before it dries.

The type of alcohol in the sanitizer makes a difference. Isopropyl alcohol is less effective compared to ethanol. Therefore, hand sanitizers with ethanol may be the best choice for you when determining what to buy. The main priority when buying sanitizer should be its effectiveness for long periods of time.

Aloe Vera, vitamin E and other ingredients help reduce the dry feeling of alcohol which is important. It reduces discomfort and keeps your skin healthy.

Advantages that sanitizers bring into one’s daily life:

Less time spent than using soap and water

This is a key advantage especially when one is in a hurry. Hand sanitizer is much more convenient when entering or leaving a building.

Hand sanitizer effectiveness

The alcohol that is contained in the hand sanitizer acts fast to kill germs. This keeps you safe from harmful bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19.


Hand sanitizer is portable and more accessible than water, especially in public. It also reduces risk of being in contact with more germs when turning off a faucet.

Some improve the skin

Some sanitizers have ingredients that moisturize and soothe the skin. This helps one keep their hands clean without damaging their skin.

Reduces bacteria on your hands

Hand sanitizer helps you lower the risk of getting sick due to harmful bacteria. This ensures your health and safety is not compromised in today’s crazy world.

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