Where Germs Are Found And How To Combat Them

Relatively speaking, most bacteria are harmless. However, with your home or business having a high capacity of germs, there is always one or two that can cause serious health problems. Some of these germs include campylobacter, salmonella, coliform bacteria, strep, staphylococcus aureus, and now Covid-19. While germs are found generally anywhere around a building, there are places they grow and multiply commonly. These include your cell phone, toothbrush, shower curtain, money, and toilet bowl. The human body also carries many germs.

Cell Phone

According to research, our most popular gadget has ten times more germs than your toilet seat. This is because it is always in your hands but never gets washed. Think about all the times you have randomly dropped it on the floor and never cleaned it after. To minimize contamination, avoid leaving the phone lying around food. Do not put it on the kitchen counter or use it during meal times. Also, always clean your hands regularly to avoid transferring germs from your phone to other areas in your home or work place.

Toilet Bowl, Shower Curtain, And Toothbrush

While the bathroom is the room where you clean, it is where the most germs in your house and office can be found. These germs stem from the toilet bowl and is distributed to your shower curtains and toothbrush. Always close your toilet lid while flushing. This is because the dirty water may splash outside the bowl, contaminating the bathroom floor. As a result, the shower curtain will come in contact with germs. It is suggested to use a shower curtain that does not touch the floor. In addition, always fully stretch the curtain to allow it dry completely after taking a shower. This will help prevent growth and build-up of dirt and germs.

As for your toothbrush, do not store it in the bathroom as water from the toilet can splash and spread germs throughout. Always keep your office bathroom clean and disinfected. Toilet brushes should be well cleaned and allowed to dry completely. Sanitary accessories like air fresheners and tissues should be positioned high enough to avoid contamination as well.


The speed at which money changes hands is incredible. As a result, it is one of the dirtiest things on the planet. Since it carries all sorts of germs, it should be handled with caution at work and at home. Always wash your hands after handling money. Store money in specified places far from food and easy access. You can introduce electronic payment system for your business to minimize use of cash.

Personal Hygiene

Above all, utmost body hygiene is crucial. You can easily acquire bacteria at home or business. Your sweat, urine and stool also provide good conditions for bacteria to grow. Therefore, you should always stay clean to stay safe.

While germs are part of your everyday life, you can always regulate them. Your business premise or home is only as clean as you make it.

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