The debut in the world of COVID-19 caught people by surprise. Panic and alarm spread throughout the world. Very little about the new infection was known and the worst thing was that there was no known cure for it. After a number of deaths and research, it was clear that the infection can not be cured using any known medication but it was possible to prevent people from getting infected.

This is when sanitizer, which was unfamiliar to many people, became a household name. It is now almost anywhere in the world and people take it with them when they leave their homes. It has become one of the most sought out commodities in the world.

Why Sanitizer?

Sanitizer is a liquid-based formula approved worldwide for the disinfection of germs and viruses that result in diseases. Unlike water and soaps, it contains alcohol which is effective in reducing infection rates.

Where is it used?

The areas that are sanitized are the hands and surfaces that people come in contact with such as vehicles, buses, bicycles, furniture, appliances, cellphones and laptops. Places where sanitizer is found now are homes, restaurants, government institutions, schools, public places, places of worship and more. All items that are touched on a daily basis should be sanitized.

Where to get sanitizer

The hope of eradicating and control the spread of COVID-19 is sanitization. Looking at the area of the world where the pandemic is active and the population that is at risk of being infected, the numbers are staggering. This means that the demand for sanitizer products is high. Couple this with the restrictions imposed which saw the total lockdown of all nations of the world, getting sanitizer has become quite a challenge.

In the world, there are so many manufacturers of sanitary products. These alone, can’t meet the demands of this product. With what is currently being produced, there is a need for manufacturing companies to:

  • Advertise online and in the media so that people are aware of where to get sanitizer.
  • Update on the stock available.
  • Sell the product online, and organize shipment of the product to the buyers, which are mainly suppliers.
  • Increase production to meet the needs of the people.

The suppliers on the other hand have the responsibility to ensure that the product is in stock at all times. They too must update people of where and when the product is available.

The chain of obtaining bulk sanitizer goes from the manufacturer of the product to the supplier and finally to the retailers. To get a bulk supply of sanitizer you have to place an order in advance to ensure that you will have the opportunity to receive the order once it is available.

Another way of making sanitizer available in bulk is if there is going to be an increase in producers. The more the people in the production chain, the more sanitizer.

Sanitizer is vital for the health of the people and therefore it should be always available.

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