There are different ways one can make hand sanitizer at home. Different people use different methods of making hand sanitizer depending on the availability of materials or ingredients in their area or that they can find online.

You want a hand sanitizer to be effective cleaning surfaces, and making sure that family members are protected from germs, bacteria and viruses, To best achieve this it is recommended to be 70% alcohol-based liquid. Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99 percent alcohol volume) are the most commonly used. The end goal is to make your hand sanitizer effective for the whole family.

Lemon juice is also very effective as far as killing bacteria is concerned. Mixing with the alcohol you can squeeze in lemon juice to help achieve your final product.

You will also need aloe vera gel extract so that your hands remain smooth and soft. This is because most hand sanitizers in the market today tend to leave your hands feeling rough, chapped and excessively dry.

If you are not able to get aloe vera gel, some essential oils like glycerin, olive oil, or vegetable oil with vitamin E can be used to protect your skin from drying.

Addition of an anti-bacterial solution like Dettol or surgical spirit can be used in very small proportions as well.

Your best bet is to purchase hand sanitizer from a professional manufacturer like Unified Solutions for Cleaning.

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