Who manufacturers Sanit™ Hand Sanitizer?

Sanit™ Hand Sanitizer is manufactured by Unified Solutions For Cleaning.

Who is Unified Solutions For Cleaning?

Nationally recognized Unified Solutions For Cleaning is a contract packaging and chemical manufacturer of industrial, institutional, and consumer cleaning chemicals.

For nearly two decades, Unified Solutions For Cleaning has been manufacturing premium cleaning products for all industries. To learn more, please visit Unified Solutions For Cleaning Here.


Our company also manufactures the best moisturizing hand sanitizers that are not harmful to your skin and would help preserve the right amount of beneficial bacteria on your hands. We also take pride in the fact that unlike regular hand sanitizers, our sanitizers contain natural ingredients and vitamins that prevent hands from getting dried even with excessive usage. Make your health and that of your loved ones a priority by purchasing our affordable sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps today!

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