After the Covid-19 virus spread norm began, people all over the world began seeking out hand sanitizer trying to combat it. Deaths and recoveries are reported on the news on a daily basis. While it became a worldwide pandemic, some nations were hit harder than others. The way it has been fought off varies from country to country, and even city to city. Some are fighting with very strict rules and regulations. Others are treating it as if it never happened. The people not taking it seriously are putting others in harm’s way. What are the people doing that are actually treating this disease seriously?

The World Health Organization has laid out the top preventive measures to help stop the spread of the virus. These factors would be social distancing in public and washing your hands with soap and water and hand sanitizers. The question then comes up, where do you find hand sanitizer? The simple answer is you can find hand sanitizers almost anywhere. They are stocked at grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores, and online websites. Unfortunately, due to such high demand these places are generally out of stock.

Online buying – There are numerous online sites where these products are available. You just need to place an order and have it delivered. They differ in prices, sizes, ingredients, alcohol percentage, and scents. Be sure to research your sanitizer purchase for the best ingredients to keep you and your family safe.

They are supplied to the public – You may now notice when you enter grocery stores, restaurants, banks and other public places that hand sanitizers are readily available. This was very rare only just a year ago. When you see the free sanitizer take advantage of it. It’s just one small step in helping prevent the spread of Covid-19.

University professors and students are now helping come up with sanitizers.

In an effort to aid the campus communities during a time when hand sanitizer is scarce, colleges are now having their chemistry departments develop their own sanitizer and distributing it on campus. The reasoning behind developing the sanitizer is two-fold for these research teams. It helps keep lab equipment in optimal working condition and it is also helping to slow the spread of Covid-19. After realizing that universities already had access to the raw ingredients, these teams create a hand sanitizer and incorporate it into their protocol to keep the typical contact surfaces disinfected.

While is advised to purchase hand sanitizers from actual manufacturers, it is an option to make it in your own home. You can make your own hand sanitizer at home with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and either aloe vera gel or glycerin.

Hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol to kill germs. You should be able to make an effective sanitizer that can help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. However, the hand sanitizer you can buy in stores must undergo more rigorous testing to ensure a 60% alcohol content throughout the mixture, so commercial products are likely your safest option.

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