Differences Between Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Hand Sanitizers

Ever heard of the saying, “Wash a hand; save the nation?” Bet you haven’t yet? Don’t worry; we just made that up here. But honestly, don’t you think if we all made washing our hands a priority, we would have a healthier nation? Hence, the need to have both antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers available for a healthy country. Both Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Sanitizers are of immense importance when it comes to cleanliness and staying healthy. Their usage both help to kill germs and make one remain healthy and clean to a large extent. However, the duo also has significant differences that set them apart.Soap Vs Sanitizer

Therefore, irrespective of their differences, they are essential things to have in the house, restrooms, work, or any other place. Investing in purchasing medically certified soaps and sanitizers are of great significance, especially during this sensitive period. Thus, if you haven’t been washing your hands regularly with antibacterial hand soaps and water or you haven’t been sanitizing your hands and objects’ surfaces, then you should start now. This is essential as the COVID -19 virus is no respecter of status, age, or gender.

Hence, this article will not only shed light on the advantages of using both antibacterial hand soap and sanitizer but will also tell about the differences that exist between both of them.

What are Antibacterial Hand Soaps?

As the name implies, antibacterial hand soaps are the soap for washing made especially for the hands to keep bacteria off the skin. Pretty much easy, right? Exactly! However, the usage of antibacterial hand soaps offers more benefits than merely washing hands with them. One of which is the germ-killing protection that antibacterial hand soaps provide.

Although most people use regular soaps to wash their hands, however, these regular soaps do not offer the same protection from germs that antibacterial hand soaps provide. These antibacterial soaps come in various forms such as liquid, bar, or gel. Whatever format you choose to buy, getting a Sanit Antibacterial Hand Soap will give you the quality and best treatment you deserve.

Advantages of using Antibacterial Hand Soap

As mentioned earlier, there is no gainsaying that the primary purpose and ultimate benefit of using antibacterial hand soaps instead of the regular soaps is the protection against bacteria and germs that they offer. However, using these antibacterial soaps with clean water will give you stand a chance to enjoy other benefits that come with their usage. Here are a few of the significant advantages of using antibacterial hand soaps: –

    1. It helps to remove microbes from the hands
    2. Helps to fight against infections and illnesses
    3. It helps to clean dirt and soil from the hands
    4. Offers additional germ-killing protection
    5. Constant hand washing makes you healthier

What are Hand Sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers are also agents whose benefits are significantly recognized. With the widespread of the virus, almost everyone owns or has used a hand sanitizer at some point. While we cannot give all the credit to the pandemic for making hand sanitizers a household name, we need to understand that the usage of hand sanitizers will go a long way to protect us from this menace.

Although sanitizers’ usage became increased when the virus hit the world, they (sanitizers) have been in existence and use before now, especially amongst healthcare workers who continuously need to disinfect their hands.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol-based sanitizers should be used as an alternative and not a total replacement for no access to antibacterial hand soaps and clean water. This is because the usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers also helps to kill bacteria and viruses such as flu virus, common cold virus, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, TB bacteria, amongst others.

Advantages of using Hand Sanitizers

Like antibacterial hand soaps, sanitizers also offer several benefits with the ultimate aim of maintaining the user’s good health. Here are some of the advantages of using sanitizers: –

  1. It helps in killing germs
  2. They are convenient and portable
  3. It helps prevent skin dryness and irritation
  4. It helps limit the occurrence of absenteeism caused by illnesses in schools
  5. Sanitizers are easy to use and not time-consuming

What are the differences between Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Hand Sanitizers?

As explained earlier, both antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers have significant purposes which their usage help to achieve. The ultimate goal similarity between both is that they help to reduce illnesses caused by germs or bacteria. However, there are specific differences you need to take note of as these differences set them apart in their function, usage, and peculiarities. The following are some of these differences: –

  1. Unlike antibacterial hand soaps, hand sanitizers are not necessarily cleaning agents (as they do not remove dirt). Hence, sanitizers are used to kill bacteria and germs and not to cleanse the body.
  2. You can use sanitizers on doorknobs and object’s surfaces. However, you cannot wash them with soap and water.
  3. It is easy and convenient to make use of sanitizers than it is to wash hands with soap.
  4. Antibacterial hand soaps offer additional protection for the hands against germs; sanitizers do not necessarily do the same.
  5. Antibacterial hand soaps are mainly for wash-offs while sanitizers are left on the skin.
  6. Hand sanitizers should become used when antibacterial hand soaps and clean water are not available. Hence, sanitizers are not a total replacement for hand washing.
  7. Hand sanitizers do not require the addition of water for effectiveness. However, hand soaps require the use of clean water.
  8. For the effectiveness of sanitizers, your hands must not be wet or greasy. However, you can make use of antibacterial hand soaps regardless of the condition of your hands.

In essence, it is imperative that you understand that both antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers are of immense significance to protecting and preserving your health. Hence, if you are looking for a place to get the finest and high-quality antibacterial hands soaps to clean your hands and that of your loved ones, Sanit is your best plug.


Our company also manufactures the best moisturizing hand sanitizers that are not harmful to your skin and would help preserve the right amount of beneficial bacteria on your hands. We also take pride in the fact that unlike regular hand sanitizers, our sanitizers contain natural ingredients and vitamins that prevent hands from getting dried even with excessive usage. Make your health and that of your loved ones a priority by purchasing our affordable sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps today!

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