Using Sanitizer During The Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner. We can sense the holiday spirit by this time. By the end of the fall and the start of winter, nature looks beautiful. In every household, shopping malls, and outdoor areas are decorated for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmasand the holiday mode goes on. People plan for a holiday trip on thanksgiving and Christmas. They enjoy the awesome clearance that goes on this time. Everyone eagerly waits for the whole year for this wonderful time. But this year the scenario is a bit different. For the Covid-19 pandemic, festivals and gatherings will look different this year. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the holidays.  Keep your holiday spirit up and celebrate those holly jolly vibes by following the pandemic guidelines and carrying hand sanitizer. 

Carry hand sanitizer with you to minimize your stress levels during holidays

Hand sanitizer is the first and foremost precaution you can take in this pandemic. Especially when it’s the holiday season, people want to have fun, when they’re out. Follow a few steps using hand sanitizer when you’re out. 

  • it’s always better to use hand sanitizer before you eat, sneeze, even touch your face.  
  • If you go out shopping, you should sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the shopping mall. 
  • If you’re receiving something from a person, sanitize your hand after that. 
  • Always carry hand sanitizer in your bag and car.
  • Washing hands with soap and water are always the best way to be clean. But when you’re outside it’s always not easy to get a sink. In those cases, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

If you follow these simple precautionary steps, you can spread the seriousness of sanitization during the festive season of this year. It will keep you away from the stress of being infected and will keep the holiday spirit up.

How to choose a good hand sanitizer

When purchasing a hand sanitizer, the best way to choose is the look for the percentage of alcohol. A good sanitizer should contain at least 70% alcohol. It takes that amount of alcohol to kill germs.  Hand sanitizer with less than 70% of alcohol may not work well for many germs.  Take a few drops on your hands rub them and allow them to dry for few seconds. Spend a safe holiday this year.  

Several alternative ways to celebrate festive time this year

  • Replace high-risk get together with lower risk ones. For example, suggest a virtual gathering and happy hour rather than the annual potluck. 
  • Let’s meet with your old family members and friends via a glass door or by maintaining six feet distance. You can still be happy and spread the same festive vibes around. 
  • Plan for an outdoor visit in cars. Everybody will be in the car; you can wave each- other and enjoy Christmas lights outside. 
  • Plan a virtual potluck with immediate family members and friends, you can cook each other’s favorite dishes, that will make you both feel how deep you care for each other and it will even double the joy of the festive season. Cheers!

Hand sanitizer – a thoughtful gift for this festive season.

Hand sanitizer can be a thoughtful gift to your friends and family for this holiday. That will show how much you care for them, and give importance to hygiene. 

It’s a good idea to share this gift consideration and thought with family and friends in advance so that they can get your strong message to stay safe. Everyone feels them as a part of the decision and can prepare for a safe and fun gathering.

Keep the festive spirit on during this toughest time

Looking for moments of happiness and positivity every day sustains us with strength and purpose in the midst of dealing with trying times and conditions. Research conducted by the CDC found that that almost half (48%) of seniors served showed that, family time is what they miss the most due to COVID. Think about different ways how to recreate that family time experience through frequent contacts even if you can’t celebrate together in person. Virtual gatherings are solutions; they can bring joy and mental peace.

Making memories and creating moments with your near and dear ones make the holiday season full festive to celebrate. If you can make the adjustment you consider, you can celebrate this festive season in wonderful ways to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy showering much-needed love and joy to family and friends. That’s how with little effort and precautions we can make this holiday safe for celebration. Use proper hand sanitization to enjoy a happy and safe holiday.

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