Most hours of the day we spend our time at the workplace. Doctors, farmers, teachers and everyone of all other professions. Spending so much time at work it’s enjoyable to spend that time in a clean and orderly environment. Each employee has the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of their place of work. Cleanliness includes how you store your supplies, how neatly you do you work, how you have arranged your office, and many other things. Most people don’t keep in mind that having a clean workplace is also a way of making work easier. It can save time finding items quickly rather then searching for particular items.

Ways Of Making The Workplace Clean

Encourage hand washing

It is important that everyone in your office understands the importance of washing their hands regularly, especially during the current pandemic. On average, people touch their faces at least 18 times per hour so it is important that they regularly wash their hands. Research shows 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. If possible, try to include a touchless dispenser for soap in the restrooms and kitchen as this will improve overall hygiene in the office.

Have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers available

Disinfectant wipes and sanitizers are very handy for keeping the office clean. These can encourage your staff members to wipe down their desks and supplies. Wipes and sanitizers are easy ways to sanitize a workspace and can help to prevent the spread of illness.

Declutter desk spaces

Keeping a clean and tidy office is important for everyone’s health, but it also improves productivity. If employees work in an environment that is decluttered they are likely to work more efficiently. Make sure that everyone keeps their desk space clean by advising employees to remove unnecessary clutter. This will also help to avoid dust and germ build up on desks.

Empty the trash everyday

Although at first it might appear excessive, it will create a much better office environment. This is especially important if employees use their trash cans to throw away food. If they are not emptied regularly the bins will start to smell and create more germs. Try and add this into the daily office routine and you will start to notice the difference it makes in the workplace.

Try not to eat at your desk

We understand that sometimes it is convenient to eat at your desk, but try and encourage your employees to take their lunch break elsewhere. It will help to improve the cleanliness of the office. It is said that the keyboard can have more germs than a toilet seat and this is partly due to food accumulating between the keys. If you notice that staff are still eating at their desks, remember to have disinfectant wipes nearby so that they can at least clean up their area once they have eaten.

These tips are small things that you can implement into your office easily and they will make a big difference to the workplace environment.

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