The long break from school caused by the pandemic is finally over. We canSanit personal products in bulk now go back and enjoy our classes in the flesh, along with our friends and colleagues. However, school reopening does not imply that the danger of the pandemic is over. What it means is that we now have ways by which we can contain and control the spread of the virus.

Therefore, as we resume back our various schools, we must ensure to stay safe as much as possible. As always, it is important to wear a mask to protect yourself and others around you when you are in public. Another important method in containing the virus is to stay a reasonable distance from people in public while ensuring that you avoid infected places or persons.

Hand washing and hand cleaning are also important in staying safe during this troubled time. Long advocated before the pandemic, it is important to always wash your hands as much as you can. It helps to kill the germs on your hands, and prevent these germs to be transmitted into your eyes, nostrils, and other open spots on your body. The pandemic situation has also heightened the need for frequent hand washing. It is vital that we wash our hands before touching our faces, foods, drinks, et cetera.

At Sanit, we produce the best quality anti-bacterial hand soaps necessary to effectively kill the bacteria and germs on your hands, leaving your hands spotlessly clean. We can also assure you of the safety of our products to your skin. Apart from these soaps, we also manufacture hand sanitizers, all of these to effectively combat the germs and viruses that currently plague us.

Hand sanitizers are also efficient in killing germs, though they cannot completely replace anti-bacterial soaps. While anti-bacterial soaps will kill germs and cleanse the body of these bacteria, hand sanitizers only kill these germs. However, it is crucial that you pack a Sanit-produced hand sanitizer along with our anti-bacterial soap when you go back to school, as it will help you to protect yourself from unwanted germs and bacteria.

How are you infected by bacteria and germs?

It is a relatively simple process to be infected by bacteria. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be as germs are all around us. They lie on the surfaces we touch, the hands we shake, the people we hug, and in places we do not even envisage they are.

These germs enter our body when we put unwashed hands into our mouths, rub our eyes with these hands, or touch our nostrils. This same principle also applies to the COVID-19 virus, and we have been advised to make sure to wash our hands before touching our faces. It is important to remember that the membranes in these parts of our body are potential carriers of bacteria into the body. Also, an open wound can be the carrier of these germs into the body.

It is for this reason that hand washing and hand cleaning are important. You can wash your hands with any soap, but it will be better cleaned with an anti-bacterial soap. And what better anti-bacterial hand soap than those produced by Sanit. Hand sanitizers also help to kill these viruses and germs, so they should be applied regularly.

When should you wash your hands?

You must wash your hands as much as you can—every time it is possible to, make sure to lather it up. Doing this is sure to help you stay healthy. It also helps you prevent the spread of germs from you to other people, while minimizing your risk of contracting bacteria. So, when should you wash your hands? You should wash your hands;

  • Before and after you eat.
  • Before and after you prepare food. Washing your hands while cooking is also vital.
  • Before and after you care for a sick person.
  • After using the toilet or cleaning up someone who just used the toilet.
  • After coughing or sneezing. During this pandemic period, you should cough or sneeze into your elbow, so you ensure that you protect others from the germs you release while you cough or sneeze.
  • After touching an animal, its waste, or its food.
  • After handling dirt and waste.
  • Before you touch your face.

You should also wash your hands when you get home from work or an outing—in fact, you should take a bath when you get back to your home from an outing or work.

Why Sanit™?

Why should you buy a Sanit-produced anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer for school? The answer is simple. Sanit produces quality products that will ensure you are well protected from germs and bacteria. In school, you will need these products to effectively protect yourself, and Sanit has got you covered. We use only the best ingredients to produce our products, ensuring that we meet your health needs. So, are you curious about the hand soap and sanitizer you need for school? Get a Sanit anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer today.

Sanit is a division of Unified Solutions for Cleaning. What started as an effort to utilize the best cleaning products for a maintenance firm, quickly became a quest to perfect the cleaning industry. Soon, Unified Solutions emerged as the highest standard in the cleaning chemical market. Learn more here >>

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