Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, individuals and corporate consumers are facing many health challenges. WHO recommends hand sanitizer for Covid-19 prevention. The selection of a quality hand sanitizer can be complicated.

There are hundreds of hand hygiene products from different companies all trying to draw in the same end costumers. You will need to make a choice based on branding, information, fragrance, cost, among other factors. The big question is which of these sanitizers is best for you?

You will need to consider the risk level and the acceptable hand hygiene against identified health risks. For instance, Covid-19 is highly infectious and requires regular hand sanitization. Hand sanitizer is a consumable product to be used often to help contain person to person transmission.

Aesthetic Preferences: To make an informed decision on purchasing hand sanitizer, you should always research the ingredients beforehand. Every hand sanitizer has chemicals with active ingredients likely to react differently to each person. There are many determining factors in choosing a top-quality sanitizer. It must be ideal for you in terms of cost, size and smell. You should use whether or not you need it portable as an additional selection factor.

Good sanitizers should have detailed instructions on how to apply it efficiently and how to store it. Some sanitizer gels are flammable and should be stored smartly for your safety. Also do research in advance to see if a sanitizer already has known side effects. Some sanitizers can give people a grimy feeling where hands may feel slippery or oily with repeated use. Other sanitizers have a dry effect on your skin. Keep in mind that not every manufacturer is credible and authentic.

Chemical Content: A good sanitizer should consist of 60 to 95% alcohol. Alcohol in sanitizer is either from ethanol, or other products like propanol or isopropanol. They help to prevent the spread of bacteria. Alcohol is part of what makes a sanitizer a disinfectant. Ensure the sanitizer has an expiration date and adhere to it. Top-quality sanitizer should be able to destroy microorganisms and can contain Aloe Vera to makes your skin soft. Consider your skin type before purchasing. Read ingredients to ensure your selected sanitizer will not lead to skin inflammation. The smell should be one you enjoy and should not trigger any allergic reaction.  It can be alcohol-free with an antiseptic like antimicrobial agents or benzalkonium chloride.

Convenience: When buying hand sanitizer, find and stick to a preferred brand. Ensure the brand is readily available, affordable, and accessible for guaranteed sustainability.

As with other household products, the key is proper storage and usage. Small children should be supervised when using hand sanitizers. Children should be instructed that 1 pump is all they need to cover the entire surface of the hands and to avoid putting their hands to their eyes or in their mouths until the product has dried on their hands, usually 15 seconds.

With all these considerations, you can be sure you will have quality hand sanitizer.

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