In recent times the world has been plagued by a great and deadly pandemic. Among the most basic prevention measures against Covid-19 is washing hands with soap and water. However, in busy daily life, access to water and soap is not always an option. This is where hand sanitizers have become so popular. Although they have been in existence all along, the new crisis has made them a commodity especially in malls, banks, restaurants and grocery stores.

They come in gel, foam, or liquid solutions that can be easily squirted into your hands. They should be rubbed in for at least twenty seconds before being allowed to air dry. It is recommended to use sanitizers in addition to hand washing. Sanitizers act quickly to kill germs on your hands. They are more accessible than sinks and soap in most cases. These reasons have caused hand sanitizers to be an item people are now buying in bulk.

Sanitizers come in different brands and are made with different ingredients. Where larger supplies are now required, ordering in small quantities is becoming uneconomical.

In such cases sanitizers can be ordered in bulk. Most brands prefer customers ordering in bulk.  They offer lower wholesale prices for bulk orders. This tends to save money for the buyer as it reduces the cost per unit. This in turn reduces the total amount to be paid over time.

In cases where shipping has to take place for an order, bulk orders serve as the most convenient option. This reduces the price of transportation costs and packaging costs. Companies pass these savings on to their customers.

With the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19, it is essential to find a brand that will efficiently supply sanitizer in bulk. There are brands with the ability to supply up to three million bottles in a day.  This increases the chance of getting a quantity discount on sanitizers purchased. It is also important to ensure that the brand offers products that meet health regulations set up by the World Health Organization.

Most stores that offer sanitizers have online ordering options. This makes ordering in bulk much easier as prices and product descriptions are easy to view. This way of ordering online also gives you support and online tracking. Reviews from other consumers gives you better assessments of the quality of the product.

Ordering in bulk reduces chances of experiencing shortages. With the current situation in the world, optimal disinfection is needed. The constant availability of sanitizers throughout facilities helps to ensure that people stay safe and clean.

When ordered in bulk, there are reduced amounts of waste, especially in packaging. It also helps in ensuring that what is bought is exactly what is needed. Sanitizers can be ordered well before they are needed to be used. Their long shelf life makes it easy to store them for a long time without them expiring.

During this pandemic, sanitizer is a popular and well appreciated product. It continues to help keep people safe all over the world.

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