In our entire lives, we have never spoken or heard the word “sanitizer” as much until the outbreak of Covid-19. This is a pandemic that has put the whole world into a standstill. From religion, businesses, education, politics and social aspects, nothing is the same since its inception earlier this year. There are limited planes in the air, vehicles on the roads, and less activities on beaches and in the oceans. Some countries closed their boarders with no international flights allowed in and out.

Many economies around the world have faced a major threat from the pandemic. Companies are being forced to make decisions about their workers with employees facing layoffs and pay cuts. Some businesses, especially restaurants, are closing down completely. Small businesses are feeling the effects as well with the limited flow of income. Many people are now living from on unemployment and stimulus checks. Lives have not been spared either. People have lost loved ones, especially the elderly.

Amidst all these challenges and fear, researchers have found certain measures we have put into place to avoid being infected with Covid-19. Wearing masks in public places, observing social distancing where we are at least six feet apart, washing hands regularly with soap and water, and using hand sanitizer.

Sanitizer is a liquid, gel or foam used to reduce infectious agents on hands. Hand sanitizer was developed for those times when soap and water are not available. Manufactures saw this pandemic as a business opportunity and resorted to making sanitizer in large quantities. Companies worldwide are now supplying to international and local markets. This has boosted their profits exponentially.

Manufacturers use alcohol to make hand sanitizer because it works effectively to kill germs. The alcohol based sanitizers are made to protect you from illness without the use of soap and water. Covid-19 has made hand sanitizer so popular that you will find it just about everywhere you go. It is now a staple in restaurants, shops, malls, hospitals, police stations and schools. You can even find it in most vehicles and our homes.

If you shop for the hand sanitizers today, you’ll notice two types of sanitizers: alcohol based and non-alcohol based. Many manufacturers have joined the competition in making sanitizers since its demand is so high. Before Covid-19 there were only a few retailers in this industry, but since the onset of this pandemic, many new manufacturers have adapted.

Sanitizer has brought a sense of safety to many when protecting their family. Almost every household you walk into, you’ll find a bottle of sanitizer, mainly in bathrooms and kitchens. Do your research and buy from licensed manufactures in order to purchase a safe product. Some companies are making sanitizers that are unhealthy and unsafe.

It is important to note that you need to check the condition of the bottle before you use the sanitizer. Ensure it has a proper safety cap to prevent leakage and evaporation so that initial concentration is preserved.

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