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What are the 5 Best Hand Sanitizers? The teeny bottle sitting in our car’s console, or the pump bottle, sitting like a sentry, on desks: these are becoming essential. Even before the recent global concerns for health, alcohol-based hand sanitizers effectively allowed a clean transition between tasks or places.

With our increasingly mobile planet, we needed something much more portable than a sink and soap. Tiny pocket-sized or tabletop pump crushing everyday contamination is essential for a healthy life. Whether travel, working, or at home, we all pack some of this stuff now.

Because: Science

Hand sanitizers are there to neutralize germs and bacteria. We don’t need to get too scientific–United Solutions for Cleaning has labs for that–but what does that mean?
The main active ingredient in hand sanitizer is, of course, alcohol. Germs and bacteria have proteins in them, and not the kind in egg white omelets, the unhealthy kind. Alcohol physically breaks up the germ and bacteria proteins or
halts their metabolisms.
Getting the right type of alcohol is actually important too. Imported hand sanitizers were halted at the borders recently for having the wrong type of alcohol. It was making people sick.
The FDA says isopropyl and ethyl alcohol are the best available types. Only those two types have shown success, in documented studies, at germ killing.

5 Best Hand Sanitizers, with 4 (or More) Stars

The spike in demand for these hand sanitizers has flooded the market. At-home, DIY
options may (may) work *at home.* For workplace needs, avoid the effort (and possible lawsuits) for supplying homemade, incorrectly-crafted hand sanitizer.
The following have four or more stars based on Google reviews and we consider the 5 Best Hand Sanitizers:
• Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer with Pump : (Any hand sanitizer ought to be instant, however,) Purell is a leading brand. A no-brainer here. • Mist Watermelon (and other scents, spray sanitizer): The diffusion in a mini cloud means the price equals less bang for your buck. But this Best of Beauty
Allure Magazine winner is a cutesy option.
• Four Thieves Hand Sanitizer: This has cinnamon, allspice, clove, and eucalyptus. It comes in a brown bottle and is four dollars an ounce. This
Whole Foods-style version of hand sanitizer looks and smells great in your guest bathroom, but you have overhead to think about at work. Yet there’s no doubt this formula has a smell that’s hard to disagree with.
• Public Goods Hand Sanitizer: This item is paraben-free and made in the
Prairie state right here in the US.

By Any Other Name

Sanit™ is one of Unified Solutions for Cleaning’s brand-named products. Many companies, workplaces, and agencies use it as is. We supply it to suppliers who cannot afford to deliver a bad product. The delivery people who bring your paper towels and can liners, they are a volume operation and they stick with a brand that delivers every time. In fact, USC is a major provider of private-label cleaning goods and solutions too.

Sanit Brand Hand Sanitizer: Options

Sanit™ brand hand sanitizer is a minimum of 70% ethyl alcohol. It is USP (a governing body that helps regulate medicine, supplements, and related quality controls in the US and internationally) medical grade alcohol. This significantly reduces the odor.

Our hand sanitizer is mixed with ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera.
It is gentler for sensitive skin than gooey, off-the-shelf, expensive brands.
From bulk barrels down to individual pocket-sized bottles and refills, Unified
Solutions for cleaning can provide you our truly industry-leading product in variety and in options. Call us today!

Why Sanit™?

Why should you buy a Sanit-produced anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer for school? The answer is simple. Sanit produces quality products that will ensure you are well protected from germs and bacteria. In school, you will need these products to effectively protect yourself, and Sanit has got you covered. We use only the best ingredients to produce our products, ensuring that we meet your health needs. So, are you curious about the hand soap and sanitizer you need for school? Get a Sanit anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer today.

Sanit is a division of Unified Solutions for Cleaning. What started as an effort to utilize the best cleaning products for a maintenance firm, quickly became a quest to perfect the cleaning industry. Soon, Unified Solutions emerged as the highest standard in the cleaning chemical market. Learn more here >>

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